Characteristics of the skating routes

Human-powered mobility means getting around under your own steam on wheels or rollers, driven by human muscle power. Human-powered mobility is particularly associated with pedestrian traffic, hiking, cycling as well as getting around on vehicle-type devices (such as inline skates, kick scooters, etc.).The Swiss government, namely the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), together with the cantons, local

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Skating: characteristics

Tags: Tourism and Leisure time, Leisure facilities, Routes and Trails, Sport, Transport, Leisure time, Tourism
Spatial extent: Switzerland
Time: 2019
Distinction: Fitness level, Grade, Traffic guidance

Map objects: Aigle–Vevey, Avenches–Estavayer–le–Lac, Bahnhof Aarau, Bahnhof Altstätten, Bahnhof Baden, Bahnhof Brugg, Bahnhof Buchs SG Ost, Bahnhof Buchs SG West, Bahnhof Bülach, Bahnhof Grenchen, Bahnhof Oensingen, Bahnhof S-chanf, Bahnhof Solothurn, Bahnhof Stans, Bahnhof Stansstad, Bahnhof Weinfelden, Bahnhof Willisau, Basel–Basel, Beringen–Beringen, Bern–Burgdorf, Biel–Ins, Brugg–Olten, Buchs SG–Salez–Sevelen–Buchs SG, Buchs SG–St. Margrethen, Castione–Tenero, Frauenfeld–Turbenthal, Greifensee–Greifensee, Ins–Avenches, Ins–Neuchâtel, Kloten–Brugg, Kloten–Kloten, Landquart–Buchs SG, Landquart–Mühlehorn, Luzern–Beckenried, Martigny–Aigle, Olten–Solothurn, Percorso di accesso Bellinzona, Percorso di accesso Giubiasco, Percorso di accesso Riazzino, Romanshorn–Kreuzlingen, Romanshorn–Weinfelden, Rorschach–Bischofszell, Rorschach–Romanshorn, Route d’accès Aigle, Route d’accès Martigny, Route d’accès Monthey, Route d’accès Riddes, Route d’accès St-Maurice, Route d’accès Villeneuve, Rüthi SG–Rüthi SG, Samedan–La Punt–S-chanf, Sargans–St. Margrethen, Sierre–Martigny, Solothurn–Biel, St. Margrethen–Romanshorn, Sursee–Wolhusen, Uster–Kloten, Weinfelden–Winterthur, Winterthur–Uster, Zug–Luzern